New brood mares from California

Tilman (Bonni) Gromnica has been to the US to select three mares that are not only visually stunning, but also talented, blessed with a perfect gait, and which embody the wonderful traits of the breed. The mares Reflexion of Blue, G. S. Crystal and G. S. Megan will be covered in the US, and will strengthen our herd here in Latendorf from July.

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Pferd & Jagd trade fair

From 3 - 6 December, we attended the Pferd & Jagd trade fair in Hanover with our mares Lady Ace and Amazing Grace, in co-operation with HIT Aktivstall, and on the IGV (Internationale Gangpferdevereinigung/International Gaited Horse Association) stand.




Autumn herding with Kowa & Jeßen

On 18 October, it was back to winter pastures for the Kowa & Jeßen Luing cattle. The meeting point was Breeder’s Pride Ranch in Latendorf. It was a great day, attended by plenty of clients, friends, gourmets and countless horse fans.



Visit from California!

Two weeks of intensive training with our Rocky expert Mindy Smith just flew by! We would like to thank Mindy for many instructive hours - from foal schooling and horsemanship to extensive rides through the surrounding countryside. We really appreciate Mindy's input and expertise, and we will add many experiences to the Breeder's Pride professional and particularly horse-friendly way of schooling, in order to draw out and encourage the outstanding characteristics of our beautiful Rockies. 

We would especially like to thank all the friends of our ranch for your regular visits and good times!



Gaited horses

Link to Holsteinischer Courier article 




Spring Luing cattle drive

On 10 May, it was once again time to take Kowa & Jeßen’s organically reared Luing cattle to their summer pastures. The meeting point was Breeder’s Pride Ranch in Latendorf. We would especially like to thank Uwe Stuck for the amazing photos! 

We really enjoyed spending the day with you!




Rocky Mountain Horses or "Rockies" are gentle on your back

Article in the Kieler Nachrichten, by Jessica Bunjes 

First it was Icelandic ponies who “tolted” their way into people’s hearts; now, gaited horses are becoming increasingly popular. A few reasons: their almost jolt-free, back-friendly movement, their uncomplicated good nature, and the challenge of taking up horse riding as a pastime later in life.

Foto: Michael Kowalewski (Latendorf) und seine Rocky Mountain Horses (von links): Lady Ace, Riddle’s Ms Molly und Majics Baybee. Die Gangpferde-Stuten sind aus Amerika importiert.
© Silke Müller-Uloth 

Link to Kieler Nachrichten article




Cutting (cattle herding) course Alex Tuzakov

We went to the Galloway Star Ranch in Giekau with Ace, Baybee and Molly to take part in a cutting course. Even though Rocky Mountain Horses have the traditional cowboy task of cattle herding in their blood, a little practice never hurt anyone.

We all enjoyed an exciting, instructive and successful day. 




Pferd & Jagd 2014 in Hannover

This year, from 4 to 7 December we had a presence on two stands simultaneously. One was in collaboration with HIT Aktivstall and the other with the IGV.

Our broodmare 'Grace' and her foal 'Abigail' pulled in the crowds in Hall 26. Despite the hubbub in the hall and much more attention than they are used to, both horses were very relaxed. The fair enabled many visitors to become acquainted with the beauty and the people-loving nature of Rocky Mountain Horses for the first time.

In Hall 17 - on the International Gaited Horse Association (IGV) stand, visitors had the opportunity to learn about different gaited horse breeds, which are still not very common in Germany and other European countries and are therefore relatively unknown. Countless visitors were impressed by the versatility and merits of these horses.

In a daily presentation, moderator Stephan Vierhaus gave a detailed description of the characteristics typical to each breed and the differences between them. We are delighted to help raise the profile of gaited horses by taking part in trade fairs and collaborating with the IGV, as levels of interest in these very versatile horses with their extremely comfortable four-beat gait are increasing steadily in Germany and the rest of Europe. 




Autumn herding with Kowa & Jeßen

On 18 October it was that time again - this year, we welcomed more visitors than ever before to our 2014 autumn cattle drive. Thank you so much to all our visitors for their great interest in our horses and our cattle drive! We look forward to seeing you all again next year.




Summer grazing in Langwedel, Blocksdorf

On 26 July, we took our young horses April, Rose, Mindy and Savannah to our beautiful summer grazing in Langwedel Blocksdorf for the first time. They will be spending the next little while here... 

Their mothers  - three of them with young foals from April / May – and our stallion will stay in Latendorf. We are planning a photo shoot with the little ones in around two weeks, so we will soon have some new snaps for you. 

On 10 August, our Rockies will be set to herding cattle once again, as our Highland cattle in Blocksdorf have to be rounded up and moved. We look forward to a long, tiring, but exciting day.

On 15/16 August, we will be taking two or three Rockies to Selent Lake in Giekau, where we will be taking part in a trail-riding and horsemanship course at the Galloway Start Ranch.

All in all, our Rocky Mountain Horses will be very busy this summer, and true to our motto “a horse for every occasion”, they will be learning new skills every step of the way. 




Newborn Foals!

We recently welcomed three newborn foals to the world. Check out our foals under the headings “Horses” and “For Sale”.




Spring herding with Kowa & Jeßen - with helpers on horseback

We successfully herded our cattle to their fresh summer pastures with both ground-based and horseback helpers. As always, it was a great day, and our thanks to everyone who was there! Check out these photos of our four-legged helpers - it’s worth it.




Autumn herding with Kowa & Jeßen

In May, we used our Rockies to round up and herd our cattle for the first time. Mindy Smith, who was visiting us at the time, gave us a crash course, some helpful tips, and we were off. In addition to all the fun we had, it soon became clear that both our horses loved it too, and we managed to herd the cattle much more quickly than without the horses. Logical, really.

Encouraged by this experience, we decided to use the horses for our autumn cattle drive in Latendorf. I think the photos speak for themselves - great fun! It’s probably about time we went on a course and really “learnt” how to do things, nevertheless from now on we will always use horses for our cattle drives, and we plan to link them with events for interested spectators.
Enjoy the photos - there are more under the “News” heading.