The Breed


Rocky Mountain Horses are recognised as a separate breed. They belong to the so-called “gaited horses” and are masters of the “ambling” gait as an additional gait. This ambling gait is in their blood, and allows horse and rider to enjoy relaxed, fatigue-free riding over medium and long distances. Probably the best-known Rocky Mountain Horses are dark brown or reddish-brown with a flaxen mane and tail (dark chocolate or red chocolate), although they can also be black, palomino or grey.

EB Hopes Rosky Dolly und Midnight becomes her 


Rocky Mountain Horses are known for being good-natured, fearless, intelligent, all-rounders with stamina. They were originally bred in the USA as workhorses, and later bred as “all-round” leisure horses. They are very popular as riding horses, including in difficult terrain. Their exceptional stamina and surefootedness also makes them very well-suited to endurance riding.

Our horses all have their roots in the USA, and they are all registered with the Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA) / Kentucky. They are reared in a natural, non-violent manner and professionally schooled in order to preserve and promote the Rocky Mountain Horse’s excellent characteristics. All adult horses are ridden in “woods and fields”.

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a very confident breed, and even as young horses, they are enormously trustworthy and reliable. They are suitable for any rider, from children to experts; truly a horse “for all occasions”. In difficult situations, a “Rocky” is reliably there to help his “people”.