With head and heart


We place great value on having a horse-centred approach to our rearing and schooling, and we put our hearts and minds into it day after day. Our horses’ behaviour is testament to our approach, as they reward us for our commitment with their robust health, their great serenity, and the special relationship that exists between human and horse.



Our promise 


Are you looking for a horse “for all occasions”? Then you’re in the right place! All our horses live outdoors in a herd, enjoying extensive grazing all year round, although they also have constant access to their open stalls whenever they like. This natural form of horse care, coupled with our perfectly co-ordinated schooling, allows our horses to be the best representatives of their breed: well-balanced, confident and versatile.

We are very proud of that.

Warmest regards, Michael "Kowa" Kowalewski

and the team from the Breeder's Pride Ranch




 BPR's Blue Ivy 2017