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Reflection of Blue



Reflection of Blue, born 17.04.2010, USA

Chocolate Mare

Sire: Pence's Blue Boy (RMHA# 930147)

Dam: Miss Jasmine (RMHA# 2002008151A)

Breeder: Douglas E.Mullins / RMHA#2010043577


G.S. Megan



G.S. Megan born 07.04.2007, USA

Chocolate Mare

Sire: Risner's Rocky (RMHA# 880059)

Dam: G.S. Lola (RMHA# 2001007115)

Breeder: Glenn F. Smith / RMHA#2007015901

G.S. Crystal 



G.S Crystal, born 28.03.2007, USA

Chocolate Mare

Sire: Risner's Rocky (RMHA# 880059)

Dam: R.R.'s Black Velvet (RMHA# 880053)

Breeder: Glenn F. Smith / RMHA#2007015902





Rigg's Amazing Grace, born 01.05.2007, USA

Red chocolate mare

Height: 155 cm (approx. 15.1 hh)

Sire: CD's Gambler (RMHA# 24523404)

Dam: Greta (RMHA# 2003010262)

Breeder: Marilyn Morris 


Really and truly one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. Incredibly intelligent, willing, absolutely loves people, fantastic gaits, totally reliable with any rider, suited to any environment. Completely stress-free and ready to perform. Placed 3rd in the International German Gaited Horse Championships in 2013 with a young rider, exhibition horse at the “Pferd und Jagd” 2013 trade fair in Hanover.

Type – Superstar yet family-friendly




SC Lady Ace, born 14.03.2008, USA

Chocolate mare

Height 154 cm (approx. 15 hh)

Sire: Ace Of Spades (RMHA# 1998004754)

Dam: Anna's Lady Christina (RMHA# 19870430) 

Breeder: Eddie or Rebecca Monhallen


Beautiful, incredibly elegant mare with a gentle nature and wonderful gaits, sure-footed in rough terrain and reliable with any rider and in any environment. Good-natured around other horses. Lady Ace has been a successful participant in large shows in the USA.

This year in November, she took part in a cattle driving course with a young rider. Those present were particularly impressed by her manner and appearance. She was recognised as the best horse on the course, leaving seasoned quarter horses in her wake.

Type - family horse that sets her sights higher




 Savannah Ace

Born 19 September 2013, Ger

Sire: Maine V's Shadrach 

Dam: SC Lady Ace 

Breeder: MK 

Regardless of where her future takes her, Savannah is already an exceptional horse thanks to her great willingness and impressive gaits.


Blue Honey

MVM Quick Lil Blue Honey

Born Juli 18th, 2015, GER

Dam: J.S. Misty Blue

Sir: GHS´S Held for Ransom



Sea Breeze Mountain Trooper

Geb. am 30. März 2014, NL

Geschlecht: Wallach

Mutter: Sweet Mocha Montain Trooper

Vater: VBF's Heart of Motion 





RHF Midnight Becomes Her

Geb. am 11. Mai 2008

Geschlecht: Stute 

Mutter: VBF's Stroke of Midnight

Vater: Choco Dock