The team at the Breeder's Pride Ranch 

The Breeder


Michael Kowalewski, known as "Kowa", established Breeder´s Pride Ranch, built up his contacts in the USA, and fulfilled a lifelong dream when he imported his first Rockies from the USA. He is also responsible for planning the breeding programme, admin, and sales. 

MK attaches great importance to the principle of horse training as a non-violent, co-operative endeavour between people and horses, and to a model of horse breeding and rearing that is in the horse’s best interests.

This attitude is demonstrated by his participation in various horsemanship courses in the USA under the tutelage of Frank Bell and Jim Rea. His passion for riding and handling horses was awakened during many years of in-depth training on the JKD Ranch in Latendorf-Littloh under the watchful eye of Kirstin Stohl.

As founder and owner of the BPR, Kowa can claim the credit for introducing Rockies to Latendorf, initiating the collaboration with Mindy Smith, and bringing together a friendly and uniquely-qualified team of experts and real characters.


The horsewhisperer

Tilman Gromnica, nicknamed “Bonni”, is responsible for everything to do with the horses’ schooling. Bonni was responsible for selecting our first broodmares in the USA, and he was also the first person to ride some of them. He makes all the decisions on their rearing. Bonni is also the first point of contact for the showing and sale of our horses. As an equestrian instructor and trainer with many years of experience, Bonni is eminently qualified for these important tasks.


          Kowa, Bonni and Rainer


Rainer & Uwe

Rainer is a real cowboy; he teaches our horses to be true cattle herders, and also contributes a huge amount to the schooling and further training of our horses in all other areas. 

Uwe Jeßen is mainly responsible for our hardy cattle herding operation (“Breeder's Pride Beef"), an organically certified hardy cattle husbandry and breeding farm. 



The host parents 


Horst and Lydia Lüdemann provide “round-the-clock care” on their farm estate in Latendorf – Littloh where the BPR is based. 

They take care of each horse’s individual needs, provide expert supervision of the entire operation, and make sure that all horses receive the best possible care. Thanks to its open stalls and stables, outdoor riding area, new indoor riding school and adjacent grazing, the farm offers the perfect layout.

The Lüdemanns also operate their own business – HIT Aktiv Stall – with their own and livery horses.


Sir Duke 2017