The Story of Breeder's Pride Ranch's origins


Michael Kowalewski ("Kowa") had his first experience with the Rocky Mountain breed on a horsemanship course in Montana in 2008. The course was held on the ranch of a famous Rocky Mountain Horse breeder in the US.

Kowa fell in love with the breed immediately, and it was no coincidence that his first ride on a stallion was a Rocky Mountain stallion. He had the fleeting thought that maybe, at some point, he could bring this breed to northern Germany. This fleeting thought became a concrete reality thanks to a series of happy circumstances, including his chance acquaintanceship with Tilman Gromnica (“Bonni”, currently responsible for the ranch’s horses), and his roundabout meeting with Mindy Smith from California. 

In 2011 it was finally time. Together with Bonni, he selected their first three broodmares from the USA. The mares were covered in California, and were finally brought to Germany in November. Latendorf’s first Rocky Mountain foals were brought into the world in 2012.

Early in 2013, the Breeder’s Pride Ranch herd was expanded to include its own breeding stallion and another, pregnant, broodmare - once again, both directly imported from the USA. In 2014, another three beautiful fillies were born.

In March 2016 Tilman ("Bonni") Gromnica has selected three additional broodmares in the USA. They have been imported to Germany in July 2016. Aditionally two fillies of our mares Amazing Gracy and Lady Ace were born in Germany (Candy Lo Ace and Koh-i-Noor). They were covered by our stallion Diamond Plated.

In 2017 the fillies out of our mares Reflection of Blue, G.S. Crystal and G.S. Megan were born.

Reflection of Blue, GS. Crystal and G.S. Megan with their fillies 2017