Healthy horse breeding and rearing


A brief description of how we keep our Rocky Mountain Horses: they are kept as a herd/group in open stalls with year-round access to adjoining pastures, which each horse can enter whenever it likes. During their first months of life, foals spend the nights in spacious stalls with their mothers. In winter, our horses are given organic feed and/or hay/straw that we produce ourselves. In summer, each herd has summer grazing available to it.

Foals learn a lot in their first year of life. They are halter-broken, learn to be alone, and are later gradually prepared for the separation from their mother. Foals are generally weaned after around a year, and the process usually takes place in the herd with other, older horses.


Sea Breeze Mountain Trooper


Rearing horses with "horse-sense"  


Our mares are covered naturally: whenever possible, our stallion runs with the herd or is kept close by, excepting during rest times. The gene pool of this breed of horse is closed e.g. any horse bearing the name “Rocky Mountain” must be registered with the RMHA and certified. Our carefully-selected mares were imported from the United States. They are excellent examples of the Rocky Mountain breed according to RMHA standards, and are the foundation of the breeding programme at Breeder’s Pride Ranch.