Feedback from our guests


Moin Moin! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Well, let’s just start from the beginning: I really just wanted a “taster”, to learn a bit about Rockies and so on. This turned into a couple of wonderful hours on the ranch with Bonni and Rainer, enjoying a wonderful ride on Grace. The ranch is a small, exquisite barn with beautifully kept, well-balanced, wonderfully schooled horses. Bonni is a true professional, and makes himself clearly understood without any “boss man” airs and graces. Fancy applying to be a stable lad .. :-) Now a bit more about the horses and their amazing extra gait: I’d read a bit about them so I was prepared to a certain extent, but in real life these Rockies really are something else. Whether that’s due to their successful schooling, or whether it’s down to the breed, I don’t know. Probably a bit of both: either way, Grace was a dream of a horse, easy to ride and willing, and by the second gait at the latest I was hooked. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I’ll be back to visit at the next opportunity. Just a shame that you’re not in Bavaria...  Warmest regards + wishing you every continued success,





Many, many thanks for the wonderful tour of the ranch and for the amazing spontaneous ride you treated me to. I was delighted by the trusting nature of the Rocky Mountain Horse. Even the little ones came over to us without fear. Simply fascinating. I was also thrilled by the responsiveness of the horse I was riding. Just by shifting my weight into the right stirrup, the horse turned in the direction that I wanted to go. We will definitely be back.

I see this as a way to enjoy new experiences, and in this way I may well be able to find myself an experienced, loving horse that is able to handle my handicap. I am grateful for the interchange of experiences that we enjoyed on the tour and the ride. I will definitely remain in touch.

Greetings from Hessen, Manuela




Dear Rocky Mountain Horses team,

Dear Bonni and Rainer,

Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful breed of horse! And thank you also for the wonderful afternoon and the ride I enjoyed on Baybee. We’re still buzzing, and we were really impressed with their robust hooves! I look forward to seeing you again!

Warmest regards,




Dear Bonni and Rainer,

Thank you so much for the wonderful horseback excursion.

It was my first time on a RMH, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. I had an amazing time riding Molly through the beautiful landscapes, listening to your professional explanations.

See you soon!

Rainer from Kronshagen



Hello to the team at Breeder's Pride Ranch!

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you heartily once again for the wonderful day we spent with you on your ranch. We had so much fun riding your horses - so different, yet still so sensitive. Each of the mares had something special, and we really enjoyed learning about the “gaits” of each mare. I was very impressed with how “cool” and easy to handle your horses were. Even the foals were fearless and not perturbed by strangers in the slightest.

Heartfelt thanks to Bonni too, who shared so much information about the Rockies with us and gave us so many tips about “gaits”. I am already looking forward to our next visit, and can’t wait to ride with you again!

Warmest regards, Ursula




Dear team at the Breeder's Pride Ranch,

So far, I have enjoyed two great rides on your beautiful horses. In Grace and Molly I had two very different mounts, although they both show the best characteristics of the Rocky Mountain Horse: a strong, people-loving character, absolute willingness to work (and above all love of their work!), and of course, great gaits! (I won’t start talking about how beautiful they are, or we’ll be here all day.

Anyway, the lovely photos on your website speak for themselves... :-) In the form of Bonni, I had a very experienced trainer and really great riding companion at my side, who taught me (a “trained” English horsewoman”) so much about the RMH breed, and also gave me a “gaited horse Western riding lesson”. Once again, thank you so much!! The long stretches in “gait” truly were an unforgettable experience. Looking forward to the next chance I have to ride with you!

Until then, warmest regards from Hamburg!





Dear BPR team,

I have now had the pleasure of riding your Rockies several times. And I have to say that every time, my fascination grows. They are such amazing horses - apart from their beauty, they delight you with their willingness, their unflappability and their character. They are so sensitive that riding them really is the purest joy.

I am particularly fascinated by the link between gaited horses and Western riding. I wasn’t aware of the link until now, although as a Western rider in this discipline you still get a few sideways glances.

I really hope to be able to visit you more often, and to have the opportunity to explore the area in your pleasant and Bonni’s expert and very friendly company.

Best wishes to all, Julia



Dear Breeder's Pride Ranch team,

Thank you so much for letting us ride your wonderful horses! We enjoyed our day so much, and have spent hours and hours talking about it since. It was the first time in my life that I had ridden a stallion! It took me a little while to get the hang of it - you can ride him without using the reins at all - wow!... apart from when Bonni surprised me and stuck in a quick gallop up the hill ... then I had the reins at the ready! The “blue” stallion is stunning, and also very comfortable!... a horse I could trust 100%. It was also interesting to swap horses: Every horse moves differently, so you have to get the hang of each one! 
Best of luck with your project!

Warmest regards, and thank you so much!