Horses sold 

EB Hopes Risky Dolly

Born June 24th 2015, Sir: RVF's Risky Business, Dam Mc Guire's Hope




Born June 11 th 2019, Sir: RRF's Diamond Plated, Dam: Reflection of Blue



BPR's Cody Tanimara was born Juli 12 th 2018, Sir: RRF's Diamond Plated, Dam: Amazing Grace.


BPR's Anabel Ace 

Born July 12 th 2018, Sir: RRF's Diamond Plated, Dam: SC Lady Ace



BPR's Crystal's) Sweet Charming Charlotte was born on May 8th, 2017 Sir: Maine V's Shadrach, Dam: G.S. Crystal


 Sir Duke

BPR's Sir Duke of Pride and Glory was born on April 12th, 2017 Sir: Toby's Sonshine, Dam: G.S. Megan. (Breeder's Pride Ranch)


Blue Ivy  

BPR's Blue Ivy was born on April 12th. Dam: Refelction of Blue, Sir: Toby's Sonshine (Breeder's Pride Ranch)


Candy Lo Ace

 Candy was born on May 22nd 2016 (Breeder's Pride Ranch). 



Emily was born on April 26, 2014 (Breeder's Pride Ranch)



Koh-i-Noor was born 2016 (Breeder's Pride Ranch)




Ms. Molly, born on 21 April 2006 (USA) und Ms. Molly's California Rose, born on 6 June 2012 (Breeder's Pride Ranch) live where others head to holiday: right next to the beach in Denmark.  It's great to see how well they have settled in, and it’s fantastic that they have found a new home together.  




Majic's Baybee was imported in foal from the United States in 2011, and was a favourite with many of our visitors. She brought two foals into the world on our ranch: Emily (born 2014) and Mindy (born 2012). A truly reliable horse, she has now found a wonderful new family near Hamburg. 


On 9 July 2012 Mindy, a filly out of Majic’s Baybee, came into the world on the Breeder's Pride Ranch. In the summer of 2015, she moved into a gorgeous open-stall facility in Hamburg. From day one, she was welcomed into the new herd with no problems, and has already taken part in a trail day.



Diamonds Amazing Ms. Abigail out of the mare Amazing Grace and by our stallion Diamond, was born on the ranch on 29 April 2014. We are delighted that she has found such a delightful new home.


  Gracy's April Star, born on April 22 2012 (Breeder's Pride Ranch) has also settled in perfectly to her new home.



Moondance, born on 30 April 2014 (Breeder's Pride Ranch), was sold in the summer of 2015.