Our horses for sale


If you purchase one of our horses, we are happy to help you out with post-sales advice and practical support. Whether you need help with correcting problems, or advice on the future development of your horse - get in touch, we’re happy to help. 

Buy one of our young horses now at a great price, and together we will train them according to your desires.  We are also happy to offer RRF'S Diamond Plated at stud (natural covering). 

We look forward to receiving your call or email via our contact form

Tilman ("Bonni") Gromnica - Tel. Mobile: +49 (0)162 - 266 19 84 

Michael ("Kowa") Kowalewski - Tel. Mobile: +49 (0)172 - 430 55 65



BPR´s Chumani dances for the rain 

27. Mai 2019


Mutter: G.S. Crystal

Vater: RRF's Diamond Plated



BPR´s Woodstock keeps the spirit

12. Juni 2019


Mutter: G.S Megan

Vater: RRF's Diamond Plated