Our breeding Guidelines

The Rocky Mountain Horse Association breeding guidelines provide the basis for top-rated certified horses. We breed strictly according to the standards set for the breed, and in close consultation with the RMHA.


The welfare of our broodmares is extremely important to us. They are not “breeding machines”. For this reason, they are not covered every year. Our mares are continuously schooled, and we ride several of them in open terrain. Our foals stay with their mothers for as long as possible, until we settle them - very carefully - in the group with older horses.


Another important aspect of our breeding guidelines is compliance with the high standards set for the breed. These include solid body colour. Face markings, for example, are only permissible when they are not dominant. White markings above the knee or hock are not permitted. Horses should measure 145 – 160 cm (approx 14.1 hh - 15.3 hh), and have a broad chest with shoulders angled at 45°. Their innate four-beat ambling gait must be free, clear and without artificial action. Moreover, we have also hand-picked our horses for their character and calm temperament.


  BPR's Diamonds Koh-i-Noor and BRP's Candy Lo Ace, born 2016 (Breeder's Pride Ranch)